Tri-County Rules


2014 Tri-County 4x4 Fasttrack Mud Racing Rules


1. Tech-In ends at noon. All drivers must be teched in and registered by noon or you will have to pay a late entry, a fee of double the entry. Due to past problems we will enforce this rule!!!!

2. Drivers meeting at 12:30p.m.

3. All drivers must sign a waiver. No drivers under 18 will be allowed to race unless a parent signs a waiver, must be 16 to drive a vehicle.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUNK DRIVERS!! If there are complaints about a driver being intoxicated while racing he/she will forfeit all entries and be disqualified from all races.

5. Once a class starts no new entries or refunds allowed.

6. Vehicles may be entered only once per class.

7. Once you are called to the line you have 3 minutes to get there.

8. Only driver entered for a class may run in that class. You can not have someone run in your place. If you are unable to race you will be disqualified and entries will be forfeited.

9. Drivers and one crew member allowed in the pit area. ABSOLUTELY no unattended children in the pit area.

10. No hot rodding on premises.

11. If needing to change tires you must let officials know during time of inspection.

12. All drivers must wear seatbelt and helmet.

13. OFFICIAL’S DECISION IS FINAL!!!! Absolutely no arguing with officials will be tolerated! If you continue to argue you will be escorted off premises.

14. Fire extinguishers in every vehicle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. Four wheel brakes, except for two wheel drive altered, rear engine dragsters, etc. with spindle mount wheels.

16. In order for a class to race there must be at least 2 drivers in that class, pay first place only!!

17. Must wear firesuit if running nitrous or alcohol

18. $25 per class entry fee, 100% payback (50% first, 30% second, 20% third)

19. If race starts and gets cancelled we will give tickets for gate fee, NO REFUNDS. (tickets will be good for next race date only)

20. Any vehicle running trans-brake or nitrous must have trans-shield or trans-blanket.

21. Any protest of a vehicle must be made to a race official before the class starts. The protest committee will consist of Head of Tech and Executive Committee. A fee of $25 cash will be assessed for all protests. In the event that the protested vehicle is found to be legal, the $25 will be donated to the vehicle being protested. If the vehicle is found to be illegal, the $25 will be refunded to the individual who presents the protest. Protest must come from drivers within that class only.

22. Must have windshield or full eye protection.

23. No loose objects in vehicle, front or back.



The Sportsman class uses an Index for the dial-in time. Each racer’s quickest qualifying ET ( out of 2 rounds in consistency class) will be used to set their Index. This will be set to the one-tenth of a second (.1) quicker than the racer’s ET. For example, a qualifying time of 4.28 would set an Index of 4.20. Entries can run no faster than 3.80 to run this class. Racers must run consistency class to get qualifying time.


The Pro class uses an Index for the dial-in time. Each racer’s quickest qualifying ET ( out of 2 rounds in consistency class) will be used to set their Index. This will be set to the one-tenth of a second (.1) quicker than the racer’s ET. For example, a qualifying time of 3.28 would set an Index of 3.20. Entries do not have to run a 3.70 in qualifying to enter the class, but must dial the maximum Index of 3.70 during eliminations. Racers must run consistency class to get qualifying time.


Tires must be DOT approved and can’t be altered. May have aluminum intake and headers. Can have cam bigger than factory but must pull 15” vacuum at 1200rpms or below. Must have factory style suspension (lift kits allowed) minimum 3 leaves, no sliders or floaters, traction/ladder bars allowed but must be solid not adjustable or slide. Traction bars are allowed. Can be 3 points non-adjustable. No 4-link allowed. Wheel base must stay same as factory for that vehicle. No coil over shocks. No nitrous or dual carbs. May have stalls, must have windshield. GM must have GM engine. Ford must have Ford engine. Jeep must have Jeep engine. No trans brakes. No heavy gutting of interior or body.


40 and down uncut DOT tires, must be full body. No vacuum requirements. Gutting allowed. No aluminum blocks allowed. V8 mini-trucks allowed. Must retain factory type suspension. No 4-links, no sliders, no coil-overs, etc, rearend must be welded to pring perch, minimum of 3 leaf springs. No dual carbs, nitrous or aftermarket fuel injection. Must have roll bar or roll cage attached to frame in minimum 4 points. Can have any engine, does not have to match body make.


No tube frames. Can have any modification except aftermarket fuel injection. No race bodies. No blowers or nitrous. Can have stall. Tires can be altered but must be DOT approved. Motor and axles can be moved but not more than 12 inches combined total measured from front of balancer to axle tube. Does not have to be factory body. Must have full body. Need to have roll cage for modified and open class unless moving up from modified stock 38.5 and down. Roll cage must be attached to frame in a minimum 4 points. Must have at least a 4 point harness. Must have at least 1 drive shaft loop per drive shaft.


No full tube frames. Can have any engine modifications except blowers and turbo’s. Paddle tires and nitrous ok. Backhalf tube frames ok.


Must wear lace up boots, tether kill switch, and helmet on ATV. Roll bar, helmet, and seat belt on UTV.


Same as ATV and UTV Index class rules.


Anything goes. Each vehicle makes two passes. The vehicle with the most consistent two ET’s wins. This is determined by subtracting your faster time from your slower time to determine the difference. Who ever has a difference closest to 0.0 is the winner. If two or more people run the same ET, then they will run off until winner is determined. For example, vehicle 1 has ET’s of 4.0 and 4.1. Vehicle 2 has ET’s of 4.0 and 4.5. Vehicle 1 wins because the time difference is 0.1 which is closer to 0.0.


Same as Consistency Class rules.


Kids will race atv’s, go carts, golf carts, etc. that can run no faster than 6 seconds in 200ft. This is a consistency class so they will make two passes, the vehicle with the most consistent two ET’s wins. This will be ran side x side but consistency is the name of the game, reaction time does not matter. Tether kill switches on all vehicles were you are not seat belted on, standard kill switch on all others.

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